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His Fosters wrote:

Jax, a 2 year 8-month old male is a very large (95+ pounds), handsome, very sweet GSD. He came to us as his owner was too ill to care for him. He bonds quickly with people – it was almost immediate with my husband and myself – is extremely social, open to new experiences and friendly when friends come over. Well behaved, he needs only a small amount of correction on a leash. He is very strong and we have him on a pinch collar when he is off our property.

This dog needs to be active. I had just signed him up for agility training which I believe he is very well suited for and would really enjoy. He will also benefit from obedience training to reinforce what he already knows and ensure that he is an excellent GSD ambassador. He enjoys rides and fortunately is just too large to make it from the back to the front seat, in case we need help with directions. He loves running in circles around our pool and being in the yard (he needs to be watched outside as he gets hot relatively quickly).

Jaxe is a hardy eater and needs to be walked almost immediately after eating. Jax is kennel-trained, goes into his kennel on the command “Home” and knows his name. He also clearly knows “sit” and “stay”. He initially slept in his kennel but within a few days we were able to leave him loose in our house, preferring to kennel him only when we were not home. Within 2 days of having him in our house he alerted on contractors working on a house next door to us and wanted us to make sure we knew there were interlopers about. Jax is a smart, very curious boy who likes to help (cooking, he’s underfoot; cleaning he’s helping steer the mop). He likes toys, particularly ones that squeak and enjoys playing catch. Jax is unaware that he is large. He would love to sleep in your bed – if you have king-sized bunk beds this is a fine idea, loves to be cuddled and attempts escorting the family and guests alike to the bathroom. If your bath or powder room is small, good luck squeezing in the room.

Jax will benefit from a loving home with owners who will keep him very active and be very consistent in managing him. We have not seen him interact with children, although my sense is he would be absolutely fine with them. He is extremely smart and a true pleasure to be with. No idea how he is around cats, but we believe Jax will be most comfortable as an only dog. He returns the attention and love he receives a thousand fold and deserves a wonderful life

Beryl A.

Hey Eric:
Thanks again for understanding how difficult a decision this has been. Jax (aka Jack) is a very sweet boy who needs and deserves a lot of individual attention. The best way to describe him is he’s a 90+ lb ‘puppy’ who has a lot of puppy energy yet to be burned off (even though he’s 3 yrs old). Our experience with him has been bitter sweet in that he’s incredibly loving, but most definitely needs a female to attach himself to. Ideally this person would be retired so she could devote the time he requires. For instance, he never showed any desire to spend time with anyone other than me, including my husband. This made it difficult for me to do anything without him wanting my undivided attention. He got along great with our senior German shepherd, but the cats were a different story. We are convinced that Jax does NOT have an aggressive bone in his body, however, his big size and energy level, combined with his curiosity, made it difficult for our 3 kitties to endure. Crate training – he was unhappy being crated the first few nights (my husband slept on the sofa in the family room so Jax could be free, while allowing me to sleep and the cats some freedom). However, after about the 5th night, he started to accept the idea of being crated. This shows us that he can and no doubt will adapt if given time and patience to do so.

He walks great on a leash, with and without another dog beside him. He seems very social (he’s been to the tiki already). He rides well in the car but prefers to be in the back seat to be closer to the humans. He appears to be house broken as we had no issues. However, he doesn’t seem to know how to communicate when he needs to go out.

Attached are some photos of Jax, and one with Charlotte, should you care to use them. I would also be happy to speak with anyone who may want to ask about further about Jax, to assist in finding him the ideal home.
Thank you for the opportunity.

Gail and Gordon


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Even though we do not have many or actually any dogs as of this date 8/23/18 we will be back up with dogs next week. It never fails... so we need people to foster for us all of the time.

The way my rescue works is that we do our best not to place dogs we get in, in a kennel, but rather into a quality home where then can decompress before they are adopted, or before they are fixed or healed medically. So many kind people have worked with me over these past 10 years but time moves on and people's lives and circumstances change making their ability to foster more of a problem than a pleasure. These families have made it possible for me to adopt out 1100 GSD's and their tireless, selfless work cannot possibly be expressed in words. Now we are 2018 when things ARE HEATING UP. I am in need of some new families who could help me with my mission of saving GSD's. If you are one of those families, please call me so I can discuss what's entailed in this and then we can figure out how you and your family fit within this rescue platform.
Call ERIK 941 575 0243 or email me at alphadog63@comcast.net