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  • Wednesday, December 25 2019 @ 05:05 pm EST
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Now that many of my reliable fosters have either become foster failures (by adopting a foster dog) and then becoming unable to foster again or have returned up north until November; I am desperate to have places to put dogs that are tendered to us.

The way this rescue works is that we do our best not to place dogs we get in, in a kennel, but rather into a quality foster home where then can decompress before they are adopted, or before they are fixed or healed medically. So many kind people have worked with me over these past 15 years, but time moves on and people's lives and circumstances change making their ability to foster more of a problem than a pleasure. These families have made it possible for me to adopt out over 1400 GSD's (as of 5/24/21) and my appreciation for their tireless, selfless work cannot possibly be expressed in words. Now we are almost half way in 2021 and the action is HEATING UP, I am in need of some new families who could help me with my mission of saving GSD's in 2021 and beyond. If you are one of those families, please call me so I can discuss what's entailed in this and then we can figure out how you and your family fit within this rescue platform. My number is 941 575 0243 and my phone is always on. If you can see yourself helping one of these fabulous animals, please call.

Call ERIK 941 575 0243 or email me at alphadog63@comcast.net