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Please send your check made payable to the SOUTHWEST FLORIDA GERMAN SHEPHERD RESCUE and mail it to:
SW FL GSD Rescue
24156 Yacht Club Blvd
Punta Gorda 33955

Please write in on the memo line: donation for German Shepherd Rescue so the funds can be correctly allocated.


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As all of our adopters know, any money we collect for an adoption goes to the our health fund now administered by Gulf Coast Humane. These funds are used for ANY worthy animal in need, not only for GSD's.  We have previously donated money to the AWL and we now use them occasionally for medical care. Our affiliation to the Gulf Coast Humane Society located in Ft Myers is primarily for spays, neuters and basic medical care of the dogs in our rescue. We are proud to say that we have helped hundreds of animals with shots, X-rays, medicine, spay or neuter, operations, heart worm and infections of every description. We always let the Gulf Coast doctors decide what treatments are necessary for our animals and how they are treated. We treat most every GSD we get in here for all shots, chip, neuters and heart worm etc. Since all funding for the Gulf Coast Humane is done by donations, your check is used immediately and 100% is for the animals. There is no back office, no fees and no BS. We welcome any person or foundation, whether donating or not, to visit us at any time (we are there 7 days a week 11-5) to see our operations meet Diane and I.  If you choose to donate by credit card, please call us to securely process the donation.  All donations are tax deductible and a receipt is always issued.


Dog Park Publishing Offers A Donation To Us For Purchases On Their Site:

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