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In order for me to understand your family and to place the best suited dog for you into it, an interview is required.  The interview allows me to understand your family dynamics and gives you an opportunity to understand the rescue process. It saves a considerable amount of time for me to have as much information about your family in advance which is why these forms are attached. Please fill out the 3 appropriate adoption forms (SAME FOR FOSTERS) before your interview which are the application, agreement and hold harmless forms. Please include any information you feel I should know. For the interview we do require all family members who will live with the pet to participate. The interviews are held in Punta Gorda. Foster interviews are a bit different but the forms are the same. Once I receive the adoption forms or a call from you, I will give you the address and we can select a mutually acceptable time. The interview takes about an hour. Once a dog comes in we have everyone back to do a meet and greet with the dog at which time please make sure to bring any dogs you own for an introduction at my home (so it is always on neutral ground). If your dogs are not neutered or spayed you will not be eligible to adopt from us.

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Please fill out two forms which will give me the information I need about your pet. These forms are the pet information sheet and the owner surrender forms. I need every bit of information on your pet possible. If your pet is NOT DOG FRIENDLY please Do not offer him or her to us as we will not take the animal. We will put the dog through a test for sociability with another dog or two and if he is not going to pass, please do not offer him to us as it will waste both of our time to go through the exercise. Once the forms are filled out please call for a meeting. We do suggest that if possible the pet remain in the home until we find a suitable adopter. If that is not possible then we will put him or her in foster based on the temperament of the dog. Please note our turn-in policy in so far as cost and medical concerns so that there are no misunderstandings in so far as fees are concerned. The fees are $225 for a neutered dog with some or all shots, $350 for a not neutered dog and $500 for a dog with heartworm.  If you cannot afford a turn in fee we can offer help but that needs to be established at the time of your interview. There are many ways we can help but we need to meet face to face with the dog before options are discussed.

ONLINE FORMS -(Each one will open in a new window)

Visit our Facebook page at Southwest Florida German Shepherd Rescue renamed swflgsd-rescue or South West Florida German shepherd rescue. Please don’t forget to answer the question which asks” Do you agree NOT to post anything about any dog you do not have in your possession nor cross post any animal on this site?

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