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The Hoffer Family Foundation Inc. (a 501C3) founded South West Florida German Shepherd Rescue in 2007. Our Rescue implemented its program in early 2008. To date in the past 14+ years as of Oct 1, 2023, we have adopted out 1715 pure bred German Shepherd dogs and about 22 not so pure bred, but tremendous 3 and 4 legged friends. We operate the rescue with dogs received from shelters and from owner turn-ins. THE RESCUE IS OPEN FOR LIMITED INTAKE AND ADOPTIONS. We have had some great press on our rescue and foundation in Harbor Style Magazine. -  Click here for a short video on our rescue from 2015, but a lot has changed since then. Also you can see more about our foundation at https://charlottecf.org/donor-spotlight/; https://charlottecf.org/. You can read more at https://charlottecf.org/donor-spotlight/. https://charlottecf.org/donor-spotlight/

These dogs primarily come from an area just south of Tampa, to just South of Naples Florida including DeSoto and Sarasota County and the Hendry County and LaBelle and Clewiston areas, although we have taken some from Miami we do not work with the MD Shelter because they consistently lie about the animals in their care resulting in wasted trips or problem dogs. WE DO NOT WORK WITH Suncoast humane for reasons of their lack of integrity. Our Facebook page is SWFLGSD-RESCUE. OUR PHONE IS 941 740 0074. We post all info on the rescue there as well as on the site.

Our Mission:

To take in discarded or turned-in German Shepherd Dogs, give them a positive environment, healthy food, medical attention, socialization and lots of love and understanding in order to find them new forever homes in our local communities and throughout the State. We are breed specific but at times fall in love with a dog or two that are mixes of GSD's, but that require and are deserving of our help.

We seek qualified families and individuals who wish to own German Shepherd dogs. If you wish to adopt, please send us an email to schedule a qualification interview in Punta Gorda FL. You can also download and fill out an application form set of 3 documents, on line and PDF it to us from the site, no printing necessary. The interviews and meeting and greets are held in Punta Gorda. Our ideal adopter is someone who has had a GSD in their past and knows the breed. We seek people who believe in training and the proper care of these great dogs. We especially want people who get dogs from us to dedicate the appropriate time and resources to train and socialize the dog.

Adoption Process:

Our adoption process begins with an application form set of 3 documents sent on the website and then an interview by phone based on the information we gather from your applications. We will ask you about your current pets, if any and we will ask you for evidence of their 'up to date' vaccinations, your vets name and number, your track record in keeping animal shots and registrations up to date, your training experience and about your commitment. We will ask to meet your entire family and anyone else that lives in the home with the dog. We will also ask that if you have pets, that you bring your dog here to meet his new friend.

We will require that you sign an agreement regarding the care of the dog you may be given as well as a liability letter indemnifying The Hoffer Family Foundation and GSD Rescue from any liability or legal issue surrounding any dog received from us. Additionally we now require you to sign a Hold Harmless agreement before coming in for an interview or to evaluate your dog. We will ask that upon adoption that you provide your vets name and address and phone for verification purposes.

RELINQUISHING Fees and Details:

BEGINNING JUNE 1 2018 OUR NEW ADOPTION FEE IS $350 EFFECTIVE 6/1/18 but our Senior for Senior's program reduced the cost for dogs over 7 years adopted to folks over 65, to $250.

We charge $250-$350 for any dog we take in as surrenders from owners based on the medical condition of the dog. If the turned in dog is not spayed or neutered the cost to take in a pet from an owner is $350 for a male or a female. If the dog is fixed and up to date on shots, the turn-in fee is $250. IF THE DOG IS HEART WORM POSITIVE AT THE TIME OF TURN IN THE FEE IS AN ADDITIONAL $350 to treat the disease. Effective 9/1/2023 we will no longer accept dogs from owners that are not housebroken or who have lived primarily outside.

At the point when dogs are surrendered to SWFLGSD Rescue we require all medical records be given to us along with any chip registration information and numbers, complete shot record and the contact detail on the vet who administered them. We do require a current heart worm test paid for by the owner prior to turning the dog over to us.

When you receive a dog from us he or she will have all shots, be spayed or neutered and will have a chip. If any of these things is not done at the time of pick up we will arrange for that item to be done at Gulf Coast Humane in Ft Myers or at the Animal Welfare League in Port Charlotte; at our expense. Money we take in can be paid to us in cash or preferably check or Zelle. PLUS THE COSTS OF ANY CHIP REGISTRATION, COLLARS OR LEASHES OR FOOD YOU PURCHASE FROM US. We will distribute $150 to the Gulf Coast Humane or to the AWL, and $200 to the rescue. Those funds remaining after expenses are donated to the Ya Ya Girls Back Pack Kidz or one of our eight other local charities we support through the Hoffer Family Foundation.

We will always take any of our rescue dogs back at any time, however we will only offer a refund in the animal is returned to us within 14 days from adoption. PLEASE NOTE we rarely have puppies but when and if we do the fee structure is quite a bit different from regular adult dog adoption in that we will require a bond to make sure the dog is neutered and a bond to make sure the puppy goes through the appropriate training. We will be responsible for the spay or neuter and all shots as part of the fee. The fee for puppies (8 weeks to 6 months) is $350 and the bond for spay-neuter and training is $500 EACH. The bond is forfeited if the sterilizing is not done as agreed and the dog can legally be recovered from the adopter by contract.

We strongly recommend researching the breed before deciding on a GSD. We have many articles to ready on the breed and adopting a GSD posted on the web site. Once you have adopted a dog, we recommend a qualified socialized training program and not an individual trainer. We do not recommend BOARD AND TRAIN where someone else (besides YOU) hold the leash or facilities like PetsMart, as they lack all skills in training and socializing dogs. This type of socialization training will ensure a bond between you and your pet and it will give you the tools you will need to have the best experience with your pet possible. Remember nothing is more stressful than having an animal you love be out of control, unruly or unsocialized. You can read more about the breed and training on this site.

It is important to note that we are not in the pet business, but rather a rescue. When we get dogs in we do our best to find them qualified adoptive families. We do not seek out dogs to rescue nor do we take every dog that comes to us. Each dog tendered to us by a person or shelter comes to our Punta Gorda location and is tested for sociability with people and dogs. If the dog demonstrates any aggression or if we deem that the animal is not suitable, we will reject it and not accept it into the rescue. This is done at the sole discretion of Erik Hoffer and all decisions are final. We are very dog choosy and take dogs in on temperament and not cosmetics or age. When we choose a family to adopt the dog we do not ever go in any particular order, but rather we try and match the family (from info from the interview and application) to the animal in so far as temperament, training ability, health of the family members and the dog, energy of the dog, family situations and other relative data.

If you are RENTING OR LIVE INA CONDO, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET A DOG FROM US unless there are special circumstances such as renting from a parent. Clearly this is not to prejudice a renter, but rather to ensure the animal has a consistent place to live. If a renter is displaced, finding another rental unit here in South FL, that will take a GSD is rare if not impossible to find, hence the position we take of not adopting to renters. If you are in a condo, you will have to have a certification from the Board of Directors of the home owners association specifically allowing a German Shepherd to be kept on the property..

We will never ask that you take any dog, but rather show you what we have in our system and allow you to decide after a family meeting if that dog is suitable for your family. We will always take any dog back, but refunds are only good for 14 days with notification of your desire to return the dog.

One final note. My time and that of our foster volunteers is extremely valuable, as is yours and your families. If you make an appointment with any of us we expect that you will keep it. If you are going to be late, we expect a call at 941 740 0074 or at the number provided at least a few hours before your appointment. Even if you are just running a few minutes late, a call to tell me your ETA is expected. Do NOT TEXT US, place a call. If you are a no show with no call, please understand that we will no longer keep your application as active nor adopt to you (or accept a dog from you) in the future.

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