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PUPPIES GALORE -- Here and Gone before you know it

  • Tuesday, May 01 2012 @ 02:40 pm EDT
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Gracie has just gone to her new home and tomorrow Sheldon will go home as well. We are confident that all of our adopters will be responsible doggie parents and that our 'grandogs' will have gone to great homes with great people.  It was hard to see them all go go and we will think about them, as we have done with the 50 puppies before them, always.  This brings to 182 the total GSD's we have adopted out!  SEE THE ALBUM TO HAVE A LOOK AT ALL OF THEM AND THEIR NEW PARENTS.

We are happy to report that Gracie, Emily and Stella, and now Harry... have now found their new forever homes.  Although Gracie is still with us until Thursday when she is spade, she has been spoken for.  I do believe the new owner will have to fight with Diane to get her, but she is spoken for.

We still have Sheldon, Oscar and Harrison, all of which are beautiful and smart puppies! 


We just received 7 GSD puppies. Some are sables, some black/tan and white. We cannot be 100% certain that they are pure breds, but to the best of our ability and expertise, each and every dog appears to be a full GSD. We do have the mother (who has been adopted out) and she was a beautiful GSD. All puppies will be spayed or neutered before they go home. 

The dogs are now 10 weeks.  They are whelped and eating solid food. They will of course have all puppy shots but they will not be able to get boosters and some other vaccines based on their age.  Getting these shots will be the responsibility of the owners as will chipping.

The following conditions apply to all puppies:

1. Each new adopter will at the time of adoption, provide us with a prepaid receipt from a recognized training facility in their area, that they will take the dog to at least 2 classes, specifically puppy (for socialization) class and basic obdience.  If the adopter lives in the Charlotte or Lee county areas, we will collect $140 at the time of adoption to cover 2 classes at the Peace River Dog Fanciers Club located in Port Charlotte and in Punta Gorda. No exceptions.

These puppies are precious and we will make sure that the people we offer them to meet our standards.  The criteria we look for is a responsible family wth the fnancial resources to pay for the dogs needs both now in the the years to come.  We want the new owners to be ready willing and able to dedicate the time to the animal for training and socializatiuon.  We want the new owner to be in a house, but if they do live in a condo or apartment, we need a copy of the lease showing that they have permission to own a GSD in that unit.  We take adoption very seriously for both young and for older dogs and we hope that if you apply, you will consider these requirements before calling or getting the interview process going. We do not like to turn people down, but we also cannot take chances with these pups.

I strongly recommend reading the article on Puppies contained in this site so that any prospective adopter has a clear picture of the commitment in time, resources and training required to own a GSD puppy.  NOT ALL THE DOGS ARE SHOW HERE.