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For the many of you who have asked about Cassie, I am pleased to report that she has been re-homed in a tremendous family. We know many people asked about her and wanted her but I am happy to say she is where I believe she belongs and will have a great life.

For those of you who want a dog like Cassie, please ...please come here for an interview and get the ball rolling for our next great dog!


We just saw Cassie at the shelter. She was a bit stinky and had a minor yeast infection in her right ear, but otherwise she was a happy little female GSD. She is considerably under weight and can easily gain 15 pounds. She is a beautiful girl with a personality to match. She is black and tan and she is about 1 year old or less. She has had some training but she is in need of much more. She seeks out human companionship and immediately came to me and sat on my feet. She did not bark at other dogs and was disinterested in cats. She has beautiful markings and a disposition to match.

Cassie will be spade tomorrow and chipped and ready to go by Wed afternoon.  If you are looking for a great (smaller sized pure female GSD) then cassie is your girl. Please call Diane or Erik to see her as soon as possible at 941 575 0243.

UPDATE:  Cassie came home with us yesterday... we discovered she was already spade. Many times their scar is so small we fail to see it until they are on the table. She arrived at our house and was happy to be out of the shelter. We now know much more about this precious little girl.

Cassie is totally calm. She is responsive to her name in just 1 day. She sits and comes to you willingly and is non reactve to our dogs. She was also non reactive to our cats and just wants to be cuddled and loved. She is a remarkable dog. We know she had gone through some really rough times as she was emaciated and remains so. (We will fatten her up... you can bet on that.)  She was obviously someone's dog  who dumped her because she has had some training. She seems to be the perfect little girl for any family. She does have an ear infection in her right ear which is being treated and will clear up in a week or so.