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9 mo old Pierre

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Pierre is a stunning 9 mo old un-neutered male who will begin meet and greets starting Friday 2/15/19. He will be about 70 pounds full grown. His mother was about 50 pounds and his dad was 70. He has a sound, relaxed temperament. Very friendly. Has lived with a dog and a cat.

He is up to date on shots, Heart worm negative and is microchipped but will need to be neutered. He will be a high energy active dog with the need for several daily exercise sessions. A dog playmate would be ideal. There will be a training rider on him as we do with puppies, to ensure he get the training that he desperately needs. He is a PUPPY! Puppies do puppy things. They have potty accidents and chew stuff if not supervised. He is NOT fully housebroken yet and gets scared initially in his crate but is crate trained. He comes with a crate, toys, all medical records and we will pay for his neutering. Pierre’s previous owners were out of state snowbirds. Admittedly he was more dog than they thought he would be at their age and they decided to do the right thing by him. He was sent to a board and train kennel in another state where there was lots of feral cats and cat waste around. After ingesting it he contracted toxoplasmosis. He is now treated and will have a subsequent follow test Monday to confirm treatment was successful. He is NOT contagious and as always when handling dog waste good hand washing will always be needed. Because he had toxoplasmosis and the fact that it can cause seizures he was put on seizure meds but will begin weaning off of that if his test is negative on Wednesday. Lastly, he had some diarrhea from the toxoplasmosis but now has firm stool. There are 2 approved adopters that will be scheduled to see this dog but please feel free to fill out an application on our website. Dog meet and greets are sometimes unsuccessful and so it’s not a given that he will be adopted. Call Shari 719-924-3969