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ONYX HAS A HOME Our newest boy is Onyx, a 9 month old somewhat trained exceptional male GSD. He is all black and has a friendly personality. He was found on the streets of Tampa, no chip no owner found. He was posted for a week and no one came forward meaning to us he was a dump like all of the others. He will get shots and a chip asap. He is housebroken and obedient. He listens and has good basic skills and manners. He is dog friendly and engages quickly with people. He will be a velcro dog for sure. He weighs about 58 pounds. With Onyx like all puppies, all puppy rules apply. If you are interested please fill out all 3 application forms on the site and contact me asap 941 740 0074. Erik
E WAS ADOPTED BY A FAMILY but they had a aggressive (high alpha) male who just would not accept a new boy in the home and he was returned. He is a sweet obedient smart and well adjusted dog.

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