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LUKE NEEDS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY Here we go again, kind of off the rails but in the right direction. One of my fosters pulled this dog named Luke from a high kill shelter because of some sort of connection. I know when I look in all dogs eyes, I have a connection, so I tend to stay out of shelters as a safety measure to protect me from becoming overwhelmed with "connections"!
Luke is a mix of a few things. What things; I have no clue, but he is sweet personable, loves dogs and people and cats. He is blonde in color and about medium in terms of larger dogs. He is great starter dog for a family as he has a soft personality. He is housebroken and can be easily trained. He has some basic skills but he just wants to be loved and is quite responsive to touch and praise. He weighs about 50 pounds and he is neutered and has all shots and a chip. He is HW POS but we will treat that at our expense at the Pt Charlotte clinic, if the adopter is local to Charlotte County. Luke is playful but has really never had a family to teach him. If you think you may like Luke or know someone or some family that might, please pass this on.