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HILDA passed

  • Friday, June 07 2024 @ 04:00 pm UTC
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HILDA passed away

I am on a mission to help a 9yr old abandoned female GSD. Her name is Hilda. She is in horrible shape visually but her spirit is good and she has no diseases that can't be cured by TLC, Good Food and appropriate medical care. The rescue will cover the costs of appropriate medical care for her skin once she regains her strength. She is a sweet calm dog that was ignored and left to die by a family. She was not abused and seems very affectionate when you meet her. She also seems to be housebroken and will not pee or poop in her kennel. She was given a bath today and will see the vet for a uti, which is easily cured with meds. Please help if you can through foster or adoption. She is affectionate, calm and takes treats nicely. She can look at you and win you over.