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  • Wednesday, May 29 2024 @ 08:37 pm UTC
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SENIOR GAL AN\YA HAS A NEW HOME ANNA came into the rescue today because both her parents passed away. She has been living alone because her daughters dogs and she don't mix. I tested her today and she did have a reaction but that was quickly dispelled when we did a walk. I believe she is a super sweet and gentle girl suitable for a one dog home. She is absolutely fine waking with other dogs. I do recommend a social class with the new owners to help her re-establish who is in charge. She is extremely affectionate and very people friendly. She loves to play ball and is totally engaged. She is in excellent physical condition. She is a black and tan, spayed 8 yr old female GSD. She has been in a home her entire life and never abused. Her shots are utd and she is ready to go asap.