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SPIRIT HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY SPIRIT came into the rescue today after being trapped behind the Elks Club in Deep Creek. He was out there for quite some time, but the kind folks in the neighborhood fed him and gave him water. Somehow he survived cars, people and the area for months.
He is a 76 pound black and tan male GSD. He is a powerful dog, but quite calm and easily managed with some basic skills training. He is not phased by other barking dogs but as not yet been approved by Farley, since he has not had his shots. We do not see that as an issue, which is why I am posting him before i actually receive him. He is a nice boy who likes to be petted and human contact. He was someone's dog for sure, and they did not ever look for him. He seems housebroken as he waited from yesterday to come out to pee and poop outside. He obviously doesn't have a name he knows, and this name of Spirit isn't at all known to him, so the adopter can name him anything they desire. He definitely needs basic obedience training and even though he is beyond the age of requiring a bond, we will select an adopter that regards training as the most important element of this adoption. He has not yet been heartworm tested.