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SIERRA HAS A NEW HONME AND FAMILY FOSTER FAILURE! SIEDRRA came into the rescue from a truly lousy situation. This poor long hair sweet girl was dumped in a remote industrial area outside N Miami in a freight yard. She was so wet and matted that it will take us a week to get her fur straightened out. She was bathed today and will get to a groomer as soon as we can make an appointment. She is about 50 pounds and is 15 pounds underweight. She was obviously outside for quite some time until a kind man took her into their garage and called me. I had her driven over to Punta Gorda. She has not been to the vet as yet so we don't know if she is hw pos or not. We will get her in next week and see if she is spayed. We scanned her and she had no chip. She is extremely sweet and affectionate. She has allowed us to bathe her and somewhat groom her without a word. She rode very well in the car and once she got into the foster, she basically collapsed. She is extremely dog and people friendly and will make a fabulous pet for any family. She is a dog I would totally recommend for kids. These photos are the ones I took on arrival and there is no doubt that in a week her photos will show just how beautiful she really is.