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  • Monday, December 25 2023 @ 04:16 pm UTC
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THE HOFFER FAMILY FOUNDATION DONATES A LARGE SHEPHERD SCULPTURE NAMED 'BEST FRIENDS' AT THE PEACE RIVER BOTANICAL GARDENS PUNTA GORDA On Dec. 2, 2023 Erik and Diane Hoffer unveiled a beautiful fountain sculpture named BEST FRIENDS, at the Peace River Botanical and Sculpture Gardens in Punta Gorda. This statue is a permanent installation dedicated to our community and celebrating our Foundation's dedication to kids and GSD's (all dogs). It shows two GSD's (Farley and Stanley) two of my current dogs, being sprayed in the face with water from a hose held by my two Granddaughters, Helen and Leena. The bench area just behind the feature is a place where parents can sit and watch the feature wile listening to children's stories written by my Mom back in 1950 for me. The golden is dedicated to my Golden's Brandon and Clancy, two dogs that so changed and enhanced my life for their respective 15 years each. I later published the book of stories in a hard cover illustrated version, and it is available from the rescue or from the Gardens at their book store. All profits go to the Gardens. The plaque tells the story of how this came about and who it is dedicated to. Please visit the Gardens with your family and bring friends to support this asset here in Punta Gorda.