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UPDATE We just received 4 Shusky (shep-husky) mixes. They are 10 weeks, UTD on shots, awaiting rabies and in a few months spay and neuter. They are in foster and can be seen by qualified family adopters. So what's a qualified family adopter? I know everyone loves puppies, they are made to be loved, but puppies become dogs and not everyone has the patience to bring a puppy into their busy life. I want to have a family familiar with training, a prior dog owner, someone who has the time for training a small dog, a family who understands that these little pups are harder than raising little people at first and who recognize the responsibility of having this dog is for the next 15 years. I will have the person post 2, $500 bonds; one for training and one for neutering. Once the training is done, by completing a CGC, the money is returned. If the dog doesn't come back to us for neutering in the next 2 months, that check is cashed and the dog is recovered. I take puppies seriously and I do not want to disturb my perfect track record with puppy adoptions.
We currently have 2 boys and 2 girls. One of the boys is a horse and will be easily 90 pounds; while the others are what appear to be normal size. We have them color coded, orange, green yellow and red.


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