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WE WILL BE UNVEILING THE GERMAN SHEPOHERD STATUE IN DEC 2 Southwest Florida GSD Rescue in concert with the Hoffer Family Foundation will be unveiling an interactive statue sculpture dedicated to our rescue and the German Shepherd dog breed. It will be held on 12/2/2023 at the Peace River Botanical and Sculpture Gardens in Punta Gorda at 3pm. The Garden's are a gem of Punta Gorda that everyone should come and see. I hope this permanent addition to the entrance the the Children's garden is enjoyed for many years to come. It depicts two of my many dogs, Farley and Stanley to be specific, being sprayed with a hose held by my two granddaughters Helen and Leena. It also features a bench area dedicated to our two Goldens, Clancy and Brandon whose lives touched ours in a very special way. While sitting in the bench area you can listen to children's stories written by my Mom for me back in 1949. Books with these stories are available by emailing me at alphadogs63@comcast.net. They make great Christmas presents. Overall, this area will provide a beautiful interlude to your walk through the Gardens.
The event is free and there is ample parking. Everyone is invited. I hope that after seeing the sculpture and gardens that your family become members. The field is large, so bring a chair is you wish.
Erik Hoffer