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HANKO SENIOR NEEDS A HOME AND FAMILY HANKO is a 9 year old neutered black and tan GSD. He is a super sweet dog but ready for an older, calm family. He needs to walk as much as possible to get his legs back in form as he has some atrophy going on from being kenneled. His dad passed away and his family (from CA) asked that I help them here in FL. Hanko was on the East Coast and PILOTS FOR PAWS flew him over here to us. They are fabulous people and Rick, the pilot, is just a terrific guy. Hanko is a very calm, dog and people friendly dog. He was so anxious when his dad passed that he tore a lot of his tail hair out. He has not calmed down and it will grow back in a few months time. He was given the full grooming treatment today and now looks handsome. As son as he arrives here from the groomer i will post some better photos. He is in good health with all shots. He is housebroken and people and dog friendly. he would also be OK with cats. He walks well on a lead but like with any new pup you have to work with him top convey your expectations on his walking position. He is available immediately. We would like him to go to a senior family.