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MILO2 haS A NEW HOME WITH NO CATS MILO 2 originally was turned over to the rescue in the Jan time frame. He was adopted out to a good home with 2 huskies and lots of cats. It turns out that after a time Milo2 doesn't care for the cats and needs to be rehomed. Milo2 is a fantastic boy. Well trained in obedience, super dog friendly, well socialized, e-collar literate and an overall great dog. He is affectionate and playful with really no hang -ups at all besides kitties. He is neutered, utd on shots and chipped. He is almost 2 years old and very handsome. He is ready to go to his new home immediately. He is fine with all other dogs and people and has gone thru obedience training.
Milo2 was given a second try and did fine with the cats for a while but with that many cats, he just can't help himself by not chasing them. This harassment of the cats has now caused him to be rehomed. He is a perfect boy, loving obedient and affectionate, but he must be placed i a home with no cats. He is ready to go immediately.