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PUPPY SHELBY HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY PUPPY SHELBY came into the rescue today after her owner passed away and she was passed around to people who were unable to care for her. She is a beautiful and active, engaged and affectionate puppy. She appears to be 10 months to a year max. She will get shots and spay next week and will be available after next Thursday. She is a happy dog and social with people and dogs. She did get introduced to Farley and after a few barks they were zooming around the yard chasing one another for the toy. She seems to have had some training as she does sit and comes to her name, but besides that she needs to get into a CGC program and all puppy rules apply to her. That includes a $500 bond for her training. Once she gets her CGC the (check) is destroyed. She is black and tan and weighs about 65 pounds. She will be 75 pounds easily when full grown.