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  • Tuesday, May 09 2023 @ 01:56 pm UTC
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PUPPY SERINA NEEDS A NEW HOME PUPPY SERINA came into the rescue yesterday 5/8 after being dumped over a fence in a flea market parking lot. She was found when the person who owned a truck saw her under it. He yanked her out and tried to find an owner. He knew she was dumped because the likelihood of her getting to where she was, without being placed there was doubtful. He did scour the area and was unable to find anyone who knew this dog. He couldn't leave her overnight there and took her home. He had her scanned for a chip and there was none so he brought her to me. She is a very sweet puppy. She is obviously not the best bred shep you will see and probably has something else in her. The thing she does have, which is 100% of the reason I took her is her personality. She is remarkably confident and secure. She tolerated everything that was thrown at her. She got a bath, met new people, met Farley and her foster and their 3 dogs and in all of that she was just perfect. This dog is easily trained, food motivated, responsive and affectionate. She is about 16 weeks max. We will give her shots etc this week, possibly today 5.9 and then she will be able to be adopted. Adopting a puppy like this requires 2 bonds of $500 each which are destroyed once the spay is done and then the training, Our puppy rules and agreement are on the website. Standard adopt fee include her spay and all shots and a chip but she can't get certain shots and no spay until she is old enough.