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PUPPY BEN HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY PUPPY BENJAMIN AKA BEN came into the rescue in late April and was placed in our puppy raisers home for decompression. Puppies tend to be looney tunes when the first arrive, especially ones that didn't have a lot of interaction during their first few months. Ben was purchased from a pet store and the folks that got him soon realized that he was way more than they could handle and relinquished him. Since he is barely 4 months only, we will not neuter him as yet. The family adopting him will pout up two bonds of $500 each., The first is for his neuter. We will tell the family when and where we will neuter him, at our expense once he is about 6 months old. If the family wishes to have him neutered at their expense, at their vet, in the time frame indicated by the rescue then they can do that. Once they complete the neutering process we will destroy the check. The second check is for his training. Once he received a CGC, canine good citizen, we will also destroy that $500 bond check. The dog will need to go thru puppy socialization immediately and then whatever classes or time is needed for a CGC to get their bond check destroyed. If the training is not done before 6 months from the date of adoption, we will seek to have the dog returned to us and the check (s) will be negotiated. The adopters will sign a puppy agreement for this dog based on his young age.
Ben is a rambunctious pup who needs a strong leader. he would NOT be suitable, based on his energy level for very young children, since he is quite the wild child when stimulated. He is super calm when things are quite, hence no small kids to get him overly excited. He will be a big boy and probably be 100 pounds based on his physical characteristics now. he weighs 50 pounds and he is 16 weeks old! He is a soft dog and can learn easily. Our foster has been able to get him totally under control, housebroken and as obedient as possible given his age. He is available immediately. He is black and tan, primary color black.

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