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HENNE HAS A HOME HENNE is a striking female silver sable GSD. She will be spayed and chipped next week and already has all of her shots and a neg hw test. She was discarded by someone who did love her, in a pubic park along with info that she was a good girl but that the family could no longer afford to care for her. A fabulous young man found her and took her home. He had recently lost his best bud, a mal, but it turns out that she is far too interested in his cat to keep her. She has not been aggressive with them but he felt that she would be better served in a home with no cats. She is 1 year old and super sweet. She is somewhat trained and has a great training base from which a new owner can move her ahead quickly. She is about 75 pounds and will be about 80 when she is fully grown. She is in good shape now and has shown how good she is with other dogs and people. Farley had a good time with her. She is housebroken and extremely responsive and affectionate. She is playful and easily trained, walks well on a lead and already knows her name, since NO name is given with her when she was found, only a note.

Her Foster Mom wrote this 5/21

Just got back from the doggy park first then the 15 minute walking training.

She’s really pretty good for a wild child.

She definitely knows her name and comes to it whenever and wherever. She knows sit but it’s been misused a lot so I’m trying to re train her; I learned a little more about that in the book.

She fetches the ball and brings it right to you and drops it for you to throw again.

She plays with her “toy”(s) at will and when told to go to her “spot”.

She likes her kennel for respite and relaxation with door open all day and will also let you close her in.

Because she had that episode of busting out once when I was gone- I’ve left her free when I plan to leave and she’s much better. Not destructive.

She keeps trying to engage my old boy Pepper to play but he doesn’t want anything to do with her. She’s not aggressive toward him at.

Food wise she needs more work, but is trainable. Peppers dish goes down first, hers second. She always tries to get either dish so I’m getting stricter with that. Today I leashed her , held her while I gave verbal no when she tried to get peppers food, made her wait till he started eating then put her bowl down and let her eat (is that wrong?).

Anyhow,…. Trying!

She’s going to be great in a home with little kids, many kids, puppies or young dogs that like to play-

Good luck! I’ll keep training her with fingers crossed