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BONIE HAS A NEW BEST FRIEND BONNIE was found in the north central part of Florida walking down a road in the rain. She was obviously dumped. She was covered in fleas, ticks and was filthy. She had had a broken front left leg which was never attended to, and it healed skewed a bit. Her ears were chewed up by flys and the tips eventually disintegrated. She was heartworm positive! What else could have been wrong with her? Her life was about to change for the better. She was found by a super dog friendly family who brought her home and attended to her needs. She was bathed, treated by a vet for her skin and ear issues and she received her shots. The heartworm issue was addressed by her
new found mentors and they starting her on Doxy now for a few weeks and that will continue for a month. We will treat her at our clinic in Pt Charlotte for her remainder of shots and eventually a spay. She was not in any physical condition for the spay now. She has begun to gain weight and she is totally mobile.
Now the good parts. She is able to run on her leg, albeit, not a dog you will be able to jog with, but one who has no issues walking and playing fetch. She is unbelievably sweet and people and dog friendly. She is untested with cats. She is about 65 pounds and medium dark sable. Her ear tips will not grow back but they will heal. Because cosmetics in a dog is so unimportant, and personality is they key factor in a great pet; she has what it takes to be a fabulous best friend. She seems to be about 6-7 years old, no more, and possibly a bit less as she has had a tough life. She is currently in foster in the Tampa area and can be seen at any time.