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ANGEL HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY ANGEL is an angel... a sweet calm 1yr old female black and tan spayed GSD. She was dumped in the Tampa area and picked up by AC and turned over to us. She is a sweet calm gal weighing about 65 pounds and can gain some weight. She is dog and people friendly and seems like a verry calm and easy dog to have in any home. She is dog and people friendly and needs basic obedience skills. She seems like the type of dog who would be great with kids because of her calm temperament. She was adopted and went with a woman who was super kind to her but she never seemed to bond with her. She wanted to go back to her foster mom and, according to the adopter, never really bonded with her. Although the 3 days that this happened in, in my opinion, was not enough time to compete the process and we decided to rehome her.

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