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ROCKFORD NEEDS A NEW FAMILY ROCKFORD, AKA ROCKY was turned into the rescue today 2/10 from Lee County where he was confiscated due to abuse. He was not treated well and was extracted for his benefit from a home that should never have had a fabulous shepherd like him. Rocky was stuck for months in the backyard with limited activity and affection but somehow turned out to be a good boy. He loves people and being handled but needs training and direction. he was a bit rambunctious when he came out of his kennel to meet one of my male dogs and his foster buddy a spayed female gsd. He did like her a bit better as my male couldn't understand his energy. My understanding of his energy was simple. he was sequestered for months and suddenly go someone to pet him and to walk him and to care. He responded well to all of those things. Once he met and settled with my male (1 yr old) he wanted to play. He immediately accepted the female and will be fostered with her for the next few days. He will be available Tuesday as he will be neutered and given all shots and a chip Monday. Rocky is about 70 pounds and is on the smaller side of males. He is a handsome black and tan with a bushy tail and an eager smile. He appears to be about 1.5 yrs old and we will know soon enough if he is hw pos or neg. I do believe he knows some basic commands and there is a 70% chance he is housebroken (or was before he was cast outside). He is not at all hand shy and takes treats readily and softly. If you are looking for a young male, in need of training, and you can dedicate your time to him, he would be a wonderful choice. He WILL REQUIRE A $500 TRAINING BOND.