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  • Thursday, January 26 2023 @ 11:10 pm UTC
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SIDNEY HAS A HOME SIDNEY is a 5 year old male, currently in-tact, black nd tan GSD. He was fixed and given all shots and a chip on 2/3/23 at our Port Charlotte clinic. He was recovered in Sarasota county as a stray and no one claimed him. He is a bit pudgy which indicates that he was someone's dog. The fact that he was found on the street and was in the shelter for 11 days indicates tat no one was looking for him and he was dumped. He is a sweet dog, both people and dog friendly. He is currently with another GSD, a foster failure, i might add, and he is doing very well. He is fully housebroken, loving and affectionate and a truly fabulous dog in every way. There is no doubt however that he was a house dog. He will get the training he needs and hopefully will be straightened out in the next day or so. He is so calm and easy going that i can't believe someone would not have claimed him He is about 90 pounds and he could lose some weight. He probably was crated and didn't get any exercise.