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MILES HAS A NEW FAMILY MILES came into the rescue on 1/23/23 from a street stray in the Redlands. The area in South Miami that people dump dogs is notorious for dog packs of abandon animals. In this case, Miles met a great gal who was passing thru and attached himself to her and didn't let go. His soft eyes, calm personality and demeanor won her over and she had him jump into her car and heart and take him home. He was advertised and checked for a chip with no reply and no i.d. she called me. Miles was named because he surely traveled miles to meet his person (or at least the person who saved him) and he is now in foster with us. He is super dog friendly and housebroken. He is extremely smart and learned his name in an hour. I now this because he bent my fence gate to get out of the yard and ran down the street. When i saw him, I called his new name and he made a mad dash back to me. He doesn't know basic commands, or at lease for now he has not shown any behavioral training. He is a 75 pound dark sable and will weigh about 90 when he is back to his normal weight. His fur is perfect which indicated tat he was in a home and then dumped. He is HW Neg and has no parasites He will ne neutered this week or early next and will be chipped and given all shots. He looks exactly like my sable Norman as you can see in the photo of them being bookends.