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HANDSOME MAJOR HAS A NEW FAMILY Major is a 95 pound large handsome male. His shots are UTD and he is chipped. Major is very loving and likes to be petted and get belly rubs. He is friendly towards people. When guests come to our home, he is playful and likes attention. He does not get on the furniture and sleeps in his raised bed. He’s fully e-collar trained and leash trained. He knows standard trained dog commands. He gets along with other dogs, when properly introduced. He is generally fine with most any non aggressive dogs BUT HE NEEDS A STRONG LEADER.  He’s good with puppies. His is good in public settings such as Home Depot, Lowes and outdoor shopping areas. He thinks he’s a lap dog. He can be very playful and affectionate but he can also be reactive when he feels that he is in charge. He needs an alpha personality who can keep him in line when he is fearful or stressed. He loves to play with his ball. His favorite treats are apple peanut butter. His high value treats are freeze dried liver treats. He likes his bath. When he stretches he likes to spread his toes. He has a sensitive stomach and is on special food, which by the way is about $10 a bag more than most standard foods, so it is not an issue.  He is a large dog and requires a family and owner(s) who have a strong presence and alpha as he would be more of an issue with a weak leader.  He has all the right traits and listens well to commands.  He is a beautiful loyal male who would fit into most any family.  I would recommend him for families with kids but 10ish and up. He loves to play ball and be active, so with the right family with energy and a fenced back yard he would be perfect. He was returned from a prior adoption because he was a bit reactive. When the new owner was trained by us (which is always available) he was completely non-reactive. With the right corrections and leadership he is a fabulous dog.