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PUPPY BRANDI HAS A NEW HOME BRANDI came into the rescue today 12.17 as an owner turn in. She was just 5 months yesterday, and became way too much for them to handle. She was in a 2 week training course at our fosters home which is now almost done and she is available to be adopted.  Because of her age, the adopter will have to post two bonds, $500 each. The first for bringing her back to us in a few months for her spay (at our expense) and the second for her training bond. Once she graduates with a cgc, we will rip up the check.  She is about 35 pounds and totally healthy. She is highly food motivated and eats everything in site and doesn't seem to put on weight because she is so radically active. She is UTD on shots and hw neg. She is housebroken and has some basic skills. She was reported as a digger and chewer but besides normal puppy chewing she isn't at all out of control in either area.  We will now correct both as much as we can and provide the tools for the adopter to deal with her puppy issues. She now is getting her real teeth and much of the chewing will stop once they come in fully.  She is affectionate and responsive and a bit hard headed. She is totally oriented around food and we use her food as training treats for that reason.  She has shown some reactivity with other dogs, but after having her mixed with 15 gsd's at Fisherman's village and 75 people petting her, we saw no reactivity at all.  We will address any suspect behaviors but she is a dog with two speeds, sleep and blast off.   She will be fixed in the next month or so.   She is a light tan and black with a defined saddle. 

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