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PUPPY OTTO2 HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY OTTO2 came into the rescue yesterday. He was found way north of Tampa running free and was picked up by a family. They kept him for a weeks or so but decided that he was too big for them and after trying to trace his owners, finally gave up and transported him to me. He is a black and tan, in-tact male. He will be fixed on the 19th and given all shots and a chip. He is about the most calm and sweet dog possible. He is about 10 months old, which is a guess. He is obedient, already housebroken and extremely calm and affectionate. He wants to be with you and shows himself as a stable puppy. He will go in his crate, reluctantly, and he will have a whole conversation with you about it, but he complies. He doesn't know the name the family gave him, Otto, so any name works for him. He will be an average size 80 pound GSD he is about 675 pounds now. He is extremely handsome with a nice gate and what appears to be good confirmation. Because he is a puppy the $500 training bond does apply to him.