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BIG PUPPY OWEN HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY OWEN CAME INTO THE RESCUE TODAY AS A STREET STRAY. The family who found him advertised him for over a week and with no chip and no collar gave up the search and delivered him to us. He is about 10mo to a year old with no training. he is a sweet dog and he has a fabulous temperament with people and dogs. He has almost learned his new name and responds to it well. He was seemingly well cared for and was in reasonable shape when found. He was starving and thirsty but was non reactive to food or water when offered. he was aloof at first but came around beautifully. He is a light back and tan with a beautiful face. He weighs about 75 pounds and he is quite tall. He has a good gate and shows like a 'show dog'. He will get his shots, chip and neuter this coming week. As a puppy under 14 months we will require a $500 training bond.