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UPDATE KING arrived today 7/13/22, from Miami where he was tied to a tree because the owners didn't want him to shed in the home. He was first seen by a neighbor who then knew someone in rescue, who in turn knew of me and that's how we eventually got him. He was only out there fore a week or so and didn't really suffer and bad effects of the trauma of being excluded from his family, braving the elements (rain, lightning and thunder) and then being tied up with no escape. The family did give him up after some conversation and was never mean to him in their convoluted mind.
King is a 1.5 year old, NEUTERED male black and tan GSD. He seems to be really good with dogs and was with kids. He was kid tested and dog tested before being brought here and now is in a foster, with kids and dogs and cats. He is being neutered 7/14 and given all shots and a chip. He is housebroken and barely trained but he listens and is a sharp dog who will be easily trained and will bond quickly. We have noticed that he is a bit reactive to sudden moves indicating to us he may have been struck by a person so our recommendation is to go slow and he will respond in kind. Moving too fast with him can bring on an unwanted reaction.