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CZAR HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY CZAR is being fostered in Pensacola by his owners and is not local. Those interested in him need to schedule an appointment first for an interview and then for a meeting which would take some time to orchestrate due to logistical issues.

Czar is an 8-year old, active, engaged, intact, sable male GSD. Once he is adopted and brought here he will be neutered at the rescue's expense. The owner wrote: My family took Czar in when his owners of 7-years decided they did not want a dog in their new home anymore. We have to rehome Czar due to medical reasons from our son. Czar is a giant lover! All he wants is attention and affection. He is perfectly content laying in bed with you or at your feet in the living room. He is perfect around children, and has been a gentle giant to our 3 and 1-year old sons. He enjoys walks and will do anything to play fetch. Once introduced, he is great with other dogs. Czar’s issue is his anxiety. He is good with cats, but just like all dogs just needs introducing and familiarization. For the 3 years with his previous owners they kept him in their garage, and this led to serious separation anxiety issues. Czar needs to be around his humans. He is best rehomed with a family who is mostly home and wants to have a 24/7 companion. If he is not around his family he will bark and cry. For this reason he cannot be outside alone as he will bark for his family. As stated earlier, all Czar wants is to be near his family and be loved. As long as he can see you and is near you he is happy as can be. This issue can be fixed with anxiety medication/foods, or the proper training. Czar would be the perfect companion for someone, a couple, or family who have wanted a GSD but did not know if they could handle one. He is the perfect intro GSD! Additionally, He would be perfect for someone who loves to just stay home and relax who desires a peaceful companion, or loves the occasional walks. He is UTD on shots, housebroken ,obedience trained to a point and HW Neg. We took Czar to the vet for a check-up a few weeks ago and his heart, lymph nodes and lungs all checked out fine. I wish we did not have to give up Czar, but due to medical reasons we have to. If you are looking for a GSD, but are afraid of the high drive of younger ones, or just want a loving companion, Czar is the perfect match for you!

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