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Kira came into the rescue today July4th, as a relinquishment from a sweet young famnily who have had this gal for all 7 years of her life.  Kira has wanted for nothing. She was loved, treated to everything the family had to offer. She was trained, socialized, medically cared for and most of all loved unconditionally.  2 years ago the family had 2 kids, one after the other, which threw the family unit into termoil and left less and less room for Kira to maintain the lifestyle she enjoyed for the prior 5 years.  Kira, now 7 is faced with having to be the third wheel when it comes to the babies and to mom and dad's time allotment for her.  She just needs to find a situation where she can revert back to the prior years and get the love and attention she needs and craves.  Kira likes sticks, play and being touched. She is a cuddler and will nap or rest with you as well as play and entertain you.  She is UTD on shots, and spayed. She is about 70 pounds and obedience trained, housebroken and very attentive to family life. She likes dogs and cats, people and yes kids, but we would recommend kids about 7ish for her so she can truly interact.  She is a sable GSD with somewhat Chec lines. 


Kira’s Write Up:

My name is Kira and I am 7 years old. I had a rough start in life but my family fostered me and quickly nursed me back into good health. I've been with them since I was 3 months old and spent a lot of time training and snuggling with them. I know quite a lot of verbal and nonverbal commands such as, sit, stay, give me your paw, lay down, hush, come, go/back up, open the door (I can open a handle styled door knob), get your stick (my favorite toys are sticks to play fetch with and I love to chew them as well), and I will patiently wait for you to say, “Eat your food” before I eat anything you place in front of me. If you tap the surface of a bed or couch I will jump up on it. If you hold your hand up to signal stop, I will stop what Im doing. If you hold your hand out to me, I will drop whatever’s in my mouth into your hand or give you my paw if I have nothing in my mouth to give you. Some things you should know, I absolutely love to snuggle and no couch is off limits to me (they’re too comfy to resist!). I had a double FHO on my hips as a puppy and so I do not like to be tugged on from behind. I love going for a walk or car rides with the window slightly cracked. I take medicine easily, as long as its wrapped up in some kind of cream cheese or chewy treat. I am not much of a barker unless something sketchy is going on (I’d like to say I have a sixth sense and can tell when it’s necessary to bark). I don’t particularly enjoy baths but I won’t move until it is over. Every year, just as the rainy season starts I get an ear infection and start to feel itchy. My vet will help stop the itching and will give me medicine for my ear just as it starts though so it never gets too bad. I also don’t mind my nails being trimmed but I do not like my ears being cleaned so leave them be and let the vet do it! I have been around all kinds of animals my entire life, both big and small and I’ve loved them all! I must admit, I am terrified of fireworks and thunderstorms. Whenever I hear either, I will start to pace and retreat to my den. But other than that, I have no fears and make an excellent member of the family as long as I am given all the attention I want and need.