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SASHA HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY I met Sasha today under ugly rainy conditions. She was a bit bedraggled and nervous but after a short while and her showing us who she was, she came around and demonstrated what a sweet girl she is. Sasha was relinquished by a family member when her owner and dad was no longer able to care for her. She grew up around a young child and she was treated well and loved. She was never abused besides not being fed quality food nor was she receiving proper medical care. Dogs don't know that so she was and is well adjusted and friendly. Diane did her toe nails and although a bit squirmy she allowed us (perfect strangers) to do them with the help of a hot dog and some liver. Sasha is a semi long hair non-spayed 3 yr old female GSD. She weighs about 50 pounds but can put on 15 without a problem. She is going to be fixed and given shots etc next week. She is a bit ansy but calmed down drastically when the frisbee came out. She loved it and loves ball. She would make a fabulous frisbee dog or dock diver. She is healthy and physically fit, mentally engaged and affectionate. She is fine with other dogs and frequented the dog beaches and parks. She will be available to adopt late next week. If you are looking for a smaller female and want to have a super frisbee playmate, Sasha is your gal.