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TYRA HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY TYRA is a 14 month old sable female GSD. She was bred at least once. She was turned in by a family who were backyard breeders and she just became redundant. She will be spayed and given all shots and a chip next week. (5/23/22). She is about 50 pounds and quite pretty. She has a calm temperament and is very friendly with people and dogs. She is untested with kids but did come from a home with kids as far as we know. She has had limited obedience training and needs to be trained in accordance with our standard PUPPY AGREEMENT where a $500 bond is placed at the time of adoption, to insure she goes into a training class. Tyra is currently in foster care and can be rehomed immediately. Her first few days told us a considerable amount about her. He bonds quickly, she is sweet and seeks out affection. She is calm and tolerated her 2 baths well and was OK on a lead but obviously she never was leashed. She is not fully housebroken but that is being done by the foster and when released she will be well on her way to completely house trained. She never had toys so things she sees she picks up and has to be given chew toys to help her understand what is hers.