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PUPPY SUGAR HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY PUPPY SUGAR was turned into the rescue by a family who acquired her (with her sister Spice) from a family who could no longer care for the appropriately. Initially these dogs were abandoned and taken in by a family, tuned on to a second family who was unable to keep them and then to a third family who gave them to us...convoluted as that may sound the dogs are now safe with the rescue. Both are about 9 months old. Sugar will have to be spayed and chipped but both have all shots and they are healthy. They are somewhat socialized and did pass our basic test with other dogs. After a few barks they settled as puppies often do and were able to be totally calm in the presence of another more senior dog. They are fine with people and ready to interact positively immediately. They are red and black, weigh about 55 pounds and we do believe they have something else mixed in their DNA, possibly Chow. They are affectionate and from what we believe, housebroken to a degree. I taught them to understand the pinch collar in just 5 minutes and they walked perfectly on a leash and accepted corrections very well. They need both basic obedience and socialization and because of their age, all puppy rules (bond $500) apply. The bond is a check, discarded once the training is done in accordance with our social training policy. They will probably be about 65-75 pounds when full grown.