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MONA AKA MEADOW THE MALINOIS HAS A HOME Mona and brother Kona came in from Tampa Bay humane where they were turned in by the family how could no longer care for them. That had been with kids and in a loving home. They are 5.5 years old, well trained, housebroken, dog and people friendly and definitely engaged! These dogs need exercise and stimulation and we do recommend, not require, that they be adopted separately, although I will adopt them as a match set!

Their current owner wrote: I would like offer help by describing these two wonderful dogs for your FB and Website audiences.

The two sibling 5 1/2 year old Mals, Hayden (male) and Meadow (female) are wonderful dogs. They quickly developed a very close bond with us as their new masters. I am impressed by how much they seek our time and attention. They relocate to my/our side wherever we move about the house or otherwise they lock eyes onto ours and watch for our next move. They are incredibly loving, focused and intelligent. They can almost always be found within a ear scratching range or otherwise pressed up against you on the couch.

Contrary to some posts, these Mals have a relatively low energy level where a 1 1/2 mile walk is enough to meet their needs. Working them out in the park is beyond their exercise needs however they very much enjoy chasing a ball / bumper.

We also have two Labrador Retrievers (one male and one female). These are AKC and HRC competition "Hunt Test" dogs. As an amateur trainer I spend a lot of time training these dogs. Understandably, the Labs enjoy a very close relationship with me/us.

The unexpected problem we are experiencing is the Mals and the Labs vie for our attention (or space in the house). They each attempt to claim our attention and will fend off the other if they approach. We see lots of flashing teeth along with the frequent accompanying yelp. While one pair of dogs may have our attention, the other pair look at us from across the room seeking an opportunity to claim the space next to us. Otherwise, their disappointment is palpable.

The males are the easiest going of the four. There are no “Male” issues as some have pointed out. The females are the ones most likely to initiate or be provocative.

The Mals are closely bonded. The ideal home will have a stay at home master who embraces a very close relationship with both Mals. The new home should not include other dogs competing for attention. They do not need a lot of exercise. The attribute I believe these dogs seek most is a loving owner who will love them as much as they will love their owner…. and they have a lot of love to give.

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