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PUPPY CARMA HAS A NEW FAMILY PUPPY CARMA was relinquished to a person in the Miami area with a broken leg. The person who owned her apparently decided no to treat it and dumped her off on Craigs list. This translates into a bait dog scenario, especially in the Miami area.  The person who wound up with her was a rescuer and called us and brough her here.  We are examining her front leg to see if we can save it or if the injury is such that removal would be an option.  At this time she can run and jump and act like a fun loving puppy with no affect at all that is noticeable.  She is a normal size, 30 pounds ish and black and tan with erect ears and a playful personality. She is social with people and dog and even met a pig and was super sweet. She was given shots and will be chipped and spayed when she is ready.  She can be adopted now with the caveat that she will have to come back for surgery (spay) and if needed, leg and elbow correction. Because she exhibits a possible broken leg, our vet will determine her status in so far as if surgical intervention is necessary prior to her spay. As she is a puppy all puppy rules apply; which means a $500 training bond and a $500 spay bond at the time of adoption.