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PUPPY ASHER HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY PUPPY ASHER is a 5 month old male, black and tan GSD. He is in-tact for now but we will neuter him in the coming months. He was found on the street after being hit by a motorcycle and the s.o.b. left him there bleeding and broken and drive off. I wouldn't mind seeing him under a truck... just say'n. He has broken ribs, lots of scrapes and bruises but he is on meds and seems to be OK. The most fantastic things about this was that a person who saw it happen picked him up and brought him to an emergency clinic. (we all know what that cost) and they treated him and released him after a few days. He was of course not chipped and no owner was present. He was brought to us and we will find him the right placement. If you are unfamiliar with our puppy rules, we require a $500 bond for training and a $500 bond for this neuter. We cover all neutering and shot and chip costs and we will treat him for his wounds until he is healed and released, but the person who is lucky enough to get him needs to provide us with the assurance he will get the best care, training and love possible.