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RUDY NEEDS A NEW HOME RUDY has become available for rehoming. Rudy was placed by us last year with a family who loves him dearly but has had issues with their ability to give him the attention he needs. He is NOT good with other dogs in the home, and not great at first outside, however when we assessed him, Dale had him on the same lead with two dogs and had no issues after a half hour of re-training. Rudy needs a strong qualified hand to guide him through accepting other dogs. Although I recommend he be in an only dog home, I do stress that given training and an strong alpha leader, he will do well with other dogs on his walks and outside the home. He is destined to be an only dog in the home. He is radically affectionate with people and will make a great addition to most families. There is no doubt that Rudy should be owned by a person who has limited interaction with other dogs and who has E COLLAR experience as Rudy needs that sort of training to cope with dogs on his walks and in proximity to him. He is a loving obedient dog, that is a given, but he is a very focused prey drive and an aggressive nature toward other dogs.



                Rudy is a neutered black and sable German Shepherd. He is 3 ½ years old and 82 pounds. He is in great health and up to date with his shots. He is looking for a new house with only humans. Since he has anxiety around other animals, a fenced in backyard would be awesome. With the children moving out and dad on disability, Rudy is looking for more playtime. He enjoys running, fetching, chasing anything that moves (a lizard or even a leave blowing in the wind) and just chilling out by the pool. He is the most loving pet you will ever have. He loves to cuddle in bed with the family but ends up sleeping in the hallway. Rudy has been friendly with visiting family, friends, and strangers of all ages. Rudy will either bring you a shoe or bark at you if he wants to go outside. Rudy’s favorite day is a car ride to Starbucks for his pup cup. Rudy loves to hang out wherever you are in the house. He will often lay by the door if he is expecting a family member to come home. The best thing for Rudy is to find a new home, but he will be forever missed.