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SWEET BONNIE HAS A NEW FAMILY BONNIE is a 5 year old calm black and tan female GSD. She was raised with a male GSD and a few kids above the age of 5. She was tested today with a male GSD and she did absolutely fine. She is playful and calm, but engaged and eager to please. She is bonded with her mom who is being forced, due to a divorce, to relinquish her. The goal here is to put her into a loving family who will give her the care and companionship she craves while she rewards the family with a loving companion and loyalty. Bonnie is currently in-tact and will be spayed and given all shots and a chip this coming week, if we can find a foster to take her to the clinic. After she is fixed she will be available for adoption. She weighs about 65 pounds and she is on the smaller of normal size. She is trim, has a great gate and she is obedient housebroken and playful.