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PUPPY RUSTY HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY RUSTY was found in the woods up beyond Gainsville FL, abandoned with his brother, and was taken to a local shelter. The shelter turned him over to us because they felt that the boys would be in jeopardy if they remained in that shelter situation.  He is a black and reddish tan, in tact male GSD puppy, about 4 months old. He is in good health and quite friendly to people. He was briefly tested with other dogs and was totally a normal puppy; a few barks then play.  He had worms and was covered in fleas but all that has been take care of and he is now in a foster.  He and his brother will be separated when adopted.  The standard puppy rules of the rescue apply; those being a $500 neuter bond and a $500 training bond. You would have to return him to us for his neuter in 60 days to receive your bond check back and you would have 4 months to have him get a STAR puppy certificate and a basic obedience diploma from a qualified social training person or facility.