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ROCKY HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY ROCKY has been with is family since he was six weeks old. He is now 5yrs. He was taken from a very serious animal abuse situation from a back yard breeder and nursed to health. He has been trained and loved by his owners. He is a big boy, about 100 pounds and great with people and totally social. He is well trained on a lead and e-collar literate. He is healthy, HW neg, chipped, all shots UTD, housebroken, obedient to a fault, loves people and people interaction. He is not particularly suitable to be in a multi dog home as he was reactive in the last year or so with his brothers and food and toys. He is therefore not suitable to go to a home with kids. His best placement would be to a more sterile environment where he is the only dog and his owner (single or family) want to work him and do everything with him but not have dogs, kids or cats in the home. He is a super handsome black and tan with a major body and beautiful face and fur. He is a really calm dog and his ability to interact with people and dogs on the street is perfect. He is well behaved and truly obedient and focused on his owner(s). Rocky is being housed until adopted with his owners who love him dearly but recognize his shortcomings with his housemates and have decided for his best interests to rehome him.

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