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PUPPY LEXI HAS A NEW HOME Lexi NEEDS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY Lexi aka Lexus came to us from a household but she was tethered to a fence outside with her brother Lincoln. They were there until they were 6 months old at which time the owner didn't permit them to interact or play for fear of getting her pregnant. They went from one level of isolation to another. They were a bit wild when they came in but after Dale did work with them for 3 weeks, they are now unbelievable in that they know commands, are calm, are social, are super affectionate and are ready for prime time. Lexi is black and tan and a bit smaller than her brother. . She will be about 70 pounds. She is very calm and would be fabulous with kids and any family but she has the spark that we don't often see in these dogs that calls for her to have a job and be trained in some form of work. Whether that work is with kids or search, flyball or dock diving or agility or running, she needs that job to shine. She is untested with cats. Her pray drive is somewhat more than his and she is a quick learner, treat motivated, and positively responsive to corrections and training. She will be spayed, possibly before she leaves here, but we have chosen to wait on both dogs for a few months. Any adopter will have a $500 bond requirement for training and a $500 bond for her spay, both required by 4/30/22. We may choose to fix them before they are released based on their next vet visit.
If you are interested in her please make sure you have your application on file and call for a meet and greet.

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