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HANDSOME CLIFTON HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY CLIFTON is a street stray. He basically walked into one of our fosters homes while the door was open and made himself at home. He encountered their small dog and cats and had nothing to say to them besides, Hi, I'm your new roommate! He is obviously a GSD Mix but his personality and temperament won us over and we kept him in rescue. He will be fostered in Ft Myers until we can get him neutered and into a new home. He is beyond affectionate and thinks he is a lap dog. He fell in love with their daughter and, as you can see by the photo below wants to be with her. He has no aggression to anything, no food issues, not to a bath, not to cleaning his ears or to other animals and loves people and loves to be petted. He is 25 pounds underweight and we are feeding him every 2 hrs to get him back to being able to digest food again. He was never hit, because he would show sigs of hand shyness, but he
was starved. he does walk reasonably well on a lead and has had no training. He seems housebroken but as he is in-tact, we can't be certain. He is available immediately and once adopted we will get him fixed and all shots. He was chipped but the chip was never registered. He is mostly tan and has a shep tail and fur. He appears to be about 2.5 years old.