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  • Wednesday, December 01 2021 @ 12:39 pm EST
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LEO HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY LEO, as we named him, was a street stray, probably dumped, in Hollywood FL, the nation's dog dumping ground.  There are more dogs dumped there than anywhere else in FL. I know it's the way it's done there, but I will never understand people or culture of those who dump animals.  Leo is about 75 pounds and black and tan. He was not, from what we can tell, mistreated or abused, just dumped when he was no long wanted. He is in-tact, but will receive shots and a neuter tomorrow 12/2/21 at the AWL.  He is currently in foster. He is calm, dog and people friendly, (yet people aloof) because he just came in.  The person that found him tried for days to find his owner, but like most dogs in the Miami area, they are not chipped or neutered so disposal is far easier.  He appears to be about 6-7 years old and is calm and rides well. He is being fostered with a larger shep female who is extremely friendly and they have accepted one another.  He just needs time to get settled.  The person who had him did say he seemed housebroken, but we quickly learned that he isn't 100% and that will probably happen while at the fosters home.  He appears to be a mix and not a 100% shep.  We do take in mixes from time to time (this is the 16th we have taken in in 14 years) because he would have been put down had he been taken to the Miami shelters.  He is a sweet dog deserving of a chance at a new life and family.