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  • Friday, November 12 2021 @ 01:46 pm EST
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BEAR 407 HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY BEAR 407 was originally offered to us back in early Sept 2021. We did not accept him because he was basically out of control. The person who found him in Orlando (hence the 407 AC distinction) liked this dog so much that she personally paid for him to go to a Board and Train (Euro K9) to be rehabilitated. After a few months working with Linda and Natasha his trainer, he has passed their basic skills tests and he is ready to be adopted. He is still there as we do not have a suitable foster for him. He is a 1 year old neutered male with all shots UTD and he will be a large dog, probably 85-90 pounds. Bear 407 has some reactivity with dogs in his face but we feel that he can be brought around by the right handler owner. He needs to go to an experienced handler who has the time and the alpha personality to master this boy. He needs immediate and consistent training. We do not want this dog to go to a first time owner and we do not recommend he goes to a home with young kids, as he still needs to know his place. If you feel this handsome boy would be right for you please give us a call. Remember to have your application on file.
UPDATE Bear did go to a home that was, in theory, a perfect situation. Unfortunately Bear407 is a lot of dog and he just was way too much for the family. Since this was his first adventure, placement, with us outside the kennel, we learned quite a lot about him. He is affectionate and velcro, as are most pups. He is still a wild child in putting on his leash and collar and getting him to calm down. He is hard to handle until he is walking on the lead, at which time he is far better but still jumpy etc. He needs serious basic skills training and social training and cannot be placed with a operson not experience in these elements of behavioral dog training.

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