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  • Thursday, October 28 2021 @ 06:12 pm EDT
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CANELO HAS A NEW FAMILY AND HOME CANELO was relinquished to us today 10/28/21 by a family who relocated from Las Vegas and could no longer afford to keep their two dogs. Canelo is the dad and Hercules is the son.  Canelo is a spry (but somewhat smaller) 8 year old, male, black and tan GSD. He is totally affectionate and calm and an easy dog to have around. He is engaged and playful, but at 8 he is almost a senior.  He is healthy and was well cared for. He is well trained, house broken and responsive to commands, He loves to ride in the truck and playful. He has been around kids his entire life and does well with people and other dogs. Untested with cats. He has no medical issues and he is healthy and very well adjusted.