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MIMI HAS A HOME AND FAMILY MIMI came into the AWL about 4 weeks ago (7/7/21) as an owner relinquishment. Since I had been quite ill she remained there because I was unable to orchestrate a test or a foster or adopter at that time. Because she remained at the shelter they were able to learn quite a bit about her which all proved to be good. We know she lived with another shep and a Maltese and is dog and people friendly. She has all shots and she is spayed. We know she walks well on a lead and she is house broken and likes people and is not reactive. She is a sweet family dogs and from what we understand was turned in because she nipped a stranger who entered their home, not invited, and the family was upset and gave her up? This dog also lived with kids and has no issues that we can determine that would in any way preclude her from being a great loyal loving family pet.
Mimi was then put into a foster situation with 3 small dogs. She tolerated them for a bit but she became moderately aggressive wit them when she was with the foster. She has a strong protective nature and this is somewhat concerning if a person has lots of people in and out of the home. She would be fine in a family that has limited contact and I suggest no other pets. Yo can learn quite a bit from a few days of fostering as the dogs typically display their normal behaviors. Shen is now back in the AWL. This is a good dog but she needs the right family and setting to thrive. If you are interested in Mimi please contact us asap.